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Douglas is world renowned for his incredible attention to detail, creating monumental pieces that are powerful, emotive and sensitive to the human form.

His artistic approach to sculpture is varied both in style and medium, sculpting with sensitivity to the human form whether in miniature or large scale bronze.

Through meticulous research he is able to capture the unique spirit and essence of his subject.

Award winning accuracy is achieved by extensive anatomy, drapery and regalia studies.

Rick Owens
Rick Owens, Selfridges London
Cristus, Harrods Knightsbridge
Jupitus, RMS Queen Mary 2
Mrs Jordan, The Royal Collection
John the baptist
John the Baptist, Private Collection
Aboriginal man
Aboriginal Man, Private Collection
Homeless Veteran, Crisis UK
Bronte Elliot
Bronte Elliot, Private Collection
Teri tobin
911 Survivor, Private Collection