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Douglas Jennings is a leading figurative portrait sculptor creating accurate portraiture rarely seen in public sculpture. He has developed a classical portrait style that remains relevant, due to the hyper-realistic finish he is able to achieve.

His artistic approach to sculpture is varied both in style and medium, sculpting with sensitivity to the human form whether in miniature or large scale bronze.

Douglas Jennings specialises in producing art works for public figures in the world of sport, entertainment and politics. His creations can be seen worldwide from The Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace to high profile public commissions.

Portrait sculptor Robin Williams
Robin Williams
Portrait sculptor Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy
Mahinder Singh Pujji
Portrait sculptor Ken Livingstone
Ken Livingstone
Portrait sculptor Leonardo Di Caprio
Leonardo Di Caprio
Alexander Graham Bell
Bronte Elliot
Woody Allen
Portrait sculptor
Wendy van Dijk
Portrait sculptor Nathan Lane
Nathan Lane
Portrait sculptor George Cohen
George Cohen
Portrait sculptor King George V
King George V
Portrait sculptor Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Portrait sculptor Padre Pio
Padre Pio
Portrait sculptor
Nicolas Cage
Fire fighter
Barack Obama
Portrait sculptor Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas
Portrait sculptor George Clooney
George Clooney
Portrait sculptor Michael Shanti
Michael Shanti
Roderick Evans portrait sculpture
Roderick Evans