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Sculpture Commissions
Commissioning a sculpture gives you the opportunity to create a unique work of art, whether a major public work, a lasting memorial or a private collection.

The Commissioning Process
An initial consultation to discuss the overall concept will include details such as the pose and expression, style, scale and materials. Budget requirements and timelines will also be covered at this stage which vary according to the size and complexity of the commission.

Once the approved brief is in place, the process begins with detailed research of pictures, photographs and any other reference material and/or live sculpting sessions with the subject.

Throughout the whole process the client is directly involved, with regular review sessions that continue until final approval. Once approved a mould is made, cast and polished to the requirements and installed at the final location.

At every stage clients work directly with Douglas Jennings and receive personal service throughout the entire process.

sculpture commissions
sculpture commissions